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With  a range of new 2nd generation window films using new technology, we can do so much more than previously was possible. We are at the forefront of these new developments and if you have any kind of glass challenge we are sure to have the solution, often solving a number of problems with the one product!



Scot-Film are the experts in supply and installation of all types  applied of films to glass. We can use films from more than five manufacturers and with each having about 50 different films, this means that there is a choice of over 250 films available. Our advice in the using the right product in the right place is invaluable, and all quotations are free of charge.

While solar control and security films make up the major reasons for using applied films, there are also products for privacy, insulation, blast proofing, blackout, one way viewing and even one for video projection!


We will supply only if that is what you require, however as we are also the experts in preparing glass and applying the film, we believe this is usually the best solution. Did you  know that applying films in the wrong  direction like reversing the facets of a Georgian conservatory roof can create uneven effects, as well as understanding the application on the inside or outside face, plus understanding the types of the existing glass can be the difference from achieving the effect over the problem of creating stresses that can even break the existing glass.

We will fully consider your requirements and access restrictions to come up with the most suitable cost effective solution.

By clicking on the links below for further information on the types of film available

Solar Heat | Glare | Energy | Fading | Privacy | Insulation 
Safety | Security | Blast | Decorative | Projection 

For our range of auto tint films for cars see our separate Scot-Tint website

In addition we have in our range, the following specialty films

  • Coolcote60 TM is a metalised film that is designed to reduce solar gain and glare by reflecting and absorbing the sun's infra red rays. It can be applied to Polycarbonate, such as twin wall, and other plastic substrates that can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Centigrade. Coolcote pdf

  • Dermaguard TM According to Guy's and St Thomas's hospitals, 15% of the population suffer from light sensitive diseases with more than 90% of all skin cancers caused by sun exposure. Dermaguard TM  provides an important and proactive layer of protection for people concerned with the harmful effects of the sun - including the onset of skin cancer and premature ageing. Many people do not realise that they are exposed to the sun while at work or at home; professionally installed window films can be effective in blocking  damaging UV rays i these environments while visible light enters unhindered. Dermaguard pdf

  • Ultravision TM is a spectrally selective series of window films which filter out over half of the total solar heat, allowing you to remain comfortable whilst enjoying the light. This new technology film applied to your glass is so clear it becomes virtually undetectable due to its non-reflective appearance.
  • Dual Reflective A new look at solar control films . All the heat and glare rejection you need but with a twist - a warm look without a highly reflective internal appearance. Rejecting up to 82% of solar heat and glare. An ideal solution for several problems such as one way privacy, excessive heat and glare from glass conservatory roofs and plasma TV screens.
  • External XTRA Solar Control Films are a range of second generation films offering maximum heat and glare reduction with manufacturer's warranties now up to 5 years, subject to product and installation. The ideal answer for maximum performance and where glass is not internally accessible.


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