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With  a range of new 2nd generation window films using new technology, we can do so much more than previously was possible. We are at the forefront of these new developments and if you have any kind of glass challenge we are sure to have the solution, often solving a number of problems with the one product!



Point Hotel

Point Hotel

The Point Hotel  opened in 1995 brought a new aesthetic of colourful minimalism to the Edinburgh Hotel Scene. This was evident in the cheerful decor of the bars, foyers and circulation spaces, through to the furnishing of the bedrooms and layout and styling of the en-suite bathrooms.

What is not known so widely is that John Sandison from Scot- film played an important role in achieving Dolan's dreams, employing techniques never before tried, often pushing the bounds what was thought to be possible in respect of the effects that films could achieve with glass.

The conference centre facade has for example a glass wall set back a metre from the external  glass facade, alternatively blanking it off and opening up in to the room with coloured film sliding glass doors.

Films were used to create light boxes in ensuites, and even the glass reception desk

The simple elegant design of the double sided Jacuzzi is enlivened by the fluorescent wall

With Andrew Dolan's premature death this collaboration is unfortunately no more, but the Point Hotel is still there in Edinburgh as his memorial.

John Sandison would be delighted with the opportunity to collaborate with Architects and Interior designers to achieve perhaps something previously thought impossible. He is waiting for your call

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