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With  a range of new 2nd generation window films using new technology, we can do so much more than previously was possible. We are at the forefront of these new developments and if you have any kind of glass challenge we are sure to have the solution, often solving a number of problems with the one product!



Solar Control

Window Film

What is it and how will reduce your carbon footprint?

Window film is a solar control product that is applied on to existing windows to reduce the solar heat gain in the Summer and reduce heat loss during the Winter months.

We know that power and heating cost in commercial buildings has risen substantially over the last few years.

 What steps can you take today in you building to impact these areas?

 Managing solar heat gain

In most offices an acceptable working temperature is 20-22C,  above this level productivity declines significantly.

Solar heat gain in the summer adds significantly to the thermal load of a building, up to 60% during the peak summer months. This means that air conditioning costs can be as high as 60% of the building total energy consumption during this time.

In addition the air conditioning units are also working to reduce heat not only from the people in the building but also computers and other office equipment. Lighting will also contribute to 25% of overall building energy consumption.

Using solar control window film on the main glazing areas affected can reduce solar heat gain by up to 77% and glare by up to 80%.

This will significantly reduce the load on air conditioning units by stopping the heat gain and can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 25%.

You can save energy costs by simply applying a solar film to your glazing.

Using daylight in your building

Look at any office during the year even in winter and you will see blinds down and internal lighting in use.

The problem is managing the glare and heat reduction yet maximising visible light.

There is a new concept in window film that will reject heat and solar gain yet allow high levels of light transmission eliminating the need for old fashioned and expensive blinds.

Reducing your glazing heat loss

Glazing systems, even double or triple glazed, are not all effective insulators. Modern Low E coatings can be applied to new glazing that will significantly reduce glazing heat loss. For an existing building there is another option.

Install Low E window film onto your existing glazing and reduce heat loss through your glazing by up to 30%.

Low E films combine a high technology coating to reflect back long wave radiation into the building.

Additional benefits

Short pay back periods Film projects have a relatively low installed cost and high performance benefits make project payback simple.

Day time privacy Depending on the product chosen you can create privacy from overlooking buildings.

Improve the buildings appearance The external look of Window Films can modernise the building, improving the appearance of your organisation.

UV reduction all solar window film will reduce UV by 99%.

Should you be a high profile building where you think there may be a security risk, the weak point is always glass, most injuries are caused through flying glass. Bomb blast solar film combined with an edge retention system will hold glass intact even under explosions vandalisms etc, and will also provide energy savings.


To start impacting your carbon footprint call us now. Scot-Film can arrange a full survey of your building and come back with a professional report and recommendations for your site.



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