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Welcome to Zoom Web Designs Homepage

 We won't actually be saying to much about ourselves as we expect that it is our Clients and 'their' websites that will do all the talking!!

We pride ourselves in getting 'into' a business and tailoring the feel, style and content to suit your needs. We won't make you a mountain when all you need is a molehill! 

To start, you must firstly ask yourself what you want from your website - It may be just to have a presence and get your business on line, but it has to be flexible to allow it to develop in the future. We can speedily create for you a  site with a professional feel but within a modest budget..

    Amongst other things we : 

know our way round the Domain Name business and can suggest the best routes for you !
know the importance of feedback forms, or perhaps guest books or even Weblogs, and how to use them effectively
understand how to promote your site with relevant META tags and how to make the search engines become your tools
provide hit counters (hidden or showing) allowing you to properly track your visitors
how to tastefully jazz up your site with effects, animations and the like (see 'Tricks up our sleeves' on the bar to the right)
know how and 'like to' use a bit of humour!!

Example sites for Present Clients
- Click above for the Examples Page then click on any 
of the screenshots to visit the actual sites:

Zoom Web Designs is a fully owned subsidiary of MQSN  
see  Contact Page for full derails

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Zoom Web Designs

The "Home" of

Welcome to our website - Feel free to browse through it. 
- We believe our portfolio of websites will speak for itself!)

Below are some of the features that you could have on your site?

Tricks 'up our sleeves' Nr1

These are a couple of shimmering reflections 
The first for www.get-nailed.co.uk'

and the second for www.construction-on-line.com

Tricks 'up our sleeves'  Nr 2

Tricks 'up our sleeves'  Nr 3

 This is the Property Plus logo that we set in a cube and sent spinning!

Use your mouse to control the spin
and try and get it to stop!

Tricks 'up our sleeves'  Nr 4

Mouse Over Effects
(put your mouse over)


More ????-

"How many 'sleeves' do you think we have"???

(we think we may be centipedes!)




Design by www.zoomwebdesigns.com (....naturally!)
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