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Web site creation and e-marketing  
Services and Costs

Remember we will wherever possible agree with you a 'fixed cost' up front

We can help any business or individual get or overhaul their exiting online presence. More and more people are now using the internet to search out information before they buy. Its now 'expected' that any serious business is online, and we can help provide you with a stylish site that will put you up with the best.

If you are still not sure what you need, you can probably start of with a minimum three page site (e.g. introduction page, contact page, background/ services page) and easily develop or extend it later. We always try to get to know the company and design a site that reflects their business, colour scheme and ethos. You can upgrade everything later anyway when you see what works for you.

We strongly recommend you have your own 'domain name' (generally make name of the domain the same as your company to use on the website and your e-mail address), and we will find help you find a suitable name and guide you through the process (- we believe it is in your own long term interests for you to own your domain name yourself - the cost of this is in the region of  10 per year)  

We also understand that without marketing no site will 'succeed' and we fully understand the techniques for marketing your site, and will help you there too.

We know there may be a temptation to do it yourself, however we  believe that the time you will waste in understanding systems and creating a site will be more than the cost of letting us produce something truly professional on your behalf. We guide you through the whole process, and if you are local we probably understand your needs much better than a 'design inspired' expensive web creation company or an amateur doing it from his bedroom. We will not try to sell you something which will be over sophisticated than is appropriate for your industry!

It will cost you nothing anyway for a chat or a demonstration. Choose the elements below to suit your requirements and budget. In addition if in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied we will give you all your money back

Call me, Andrew McLeman on 01506 880260 - or or complete the Contact form

Guide costs

We can do all the 'copy' and scan the photos, however the more you can provide as text 'copy' and 'photos' in a suitable format the less it will cost you.

Preparation of basic three page web page including design and content, providing  Meta tags (hidden tags to help search engines find you), advice on domain names, a visitor counter, at least one 'up our sleeves trick', clickable (encoded) e-mail links back to you,  uploading the site to the server and initial paid promotion to 300 major search engines. 
                                    ...............Guide Price 275.00 + VAT

Further services 50 per extra page or extra service (e.g. response or contact forms, guest booksweblogs, additional counters, additional 'up our sleeve tricks', ability to download files from your site, search site facility, search internet facility, + an *e-mail letterhead to match your site (*100). 

To request a non obligation quotation right away - go to  Contact page and fill in the response form

Extra charges will apply if you require us to scan a large number of photos or us to write most of the 'copy'. Normally we would load the site to the webspace provided by your existing Internet service provider, and we would temporarily require access to your password to do this. If you don't have an account we can help you set one up and also advise if Broadband would be beneficial to you. (Please note that we may not be able to load a site to an AOL account due to their problematic small webspace size and upload restrictions)

Amendments later to update the site would be on the basis of 40.00 per hour (min half hour) - again a quotation would normally be provided in advance. If you have feel you are competent and have suitable software (e.g. M/S Front Page) and require this, we can also set up systems on your own computers + provide training to allow you to update the site yourself. We can also include sections of the site (e.g. news info or price info) that can be updated remotely by yourself as simply as writing an e-mail 

Please contact us if you require specialist shopping cart, 'Flash' intros or database based sites as these would very much depend on what was required.

More Info on some of these extra features:

Additional pages can be used to tell the world about your project or products, boast about something, show testimonials from clients, additional photographs, background pages, a links page, a News page, a Search Page, a Privacy Statement etc We can advise you on a suitable structure but you should start to think about a format right away.

E-mail Letterhead to match your website. This is a super service to enhance your online image. "Emailheaders.com" are in fact a division of Zoom Web Designs although we at present outsource this to a company that can produce a "very" professional individually designed colour letterhead for about 100 - (or template based one for half that) - for samples and more info see www.emailheaders.com

Click screen image to go to e-mail Letterhead pageOur own letterhead -

- We love it!




Search Engine promotion - This market is continually in the process of change with many of the search engines now requiring paid submission either entirely, or for quicker inclusion. You can even also pay for keyword promotion to put you at the top of any searches. If you want paid for services we can guide you into commissioning the best companies for you to use. It is a very specialist market and an expert in this field is required where search positioning is important to you (Remember we do include a basic paid submission service to 300 major engines as part of our standard service.)

Domains Names
For UK companies the most common 'domain' in Britain is '
.co.uk' We know the best value places to get your domain, which generally costs less than  10.00 per year for a .co.uk (including forwarding traffic to your site)
- We would do all  the checking and help in selection of a suitable domain on your behalf but we believe it is in your own long term  interests to own your own domain, and we will guide you through this (simple) purchase process.

You can also get the international domains ; '.com'  (also '.org' and '.net' ) and these are more cheaply supplied through our US domain partner at again less than 10.00 for a year .

Photos and Text - we prefer these to be provided electronically by e-mail or on disk. Photos should be in .jpg (JPEG) or .gif (GIF) formats. - .bmp (Bitmap) files are too large for use on the internet although we can convert them for you. Actual photos provided for scanning will be returned.

Contact Forms are not strictly necessary as 'surfers' can contact you via the e-mail links. They can however help in pre-qualifying the enquiry and to get more info. Statistics prove that people are much more likely to complete a contact form than contact you by e-mail

Encoded E-mail addresses listed on websites are collected by Spammer's robots to deluge you with spam. We always use a system that encodes the data to prevent this being used by spammers, but to still allow an e-mail to be sent to you.

Weblogs and Guest Books - Weblogs are easily updated sections (like an online diary) of up to date items that can be uploaded by anyone as easily as issuing an e-mail. Guest Books are fairly rare on commercial sites but could be appropriate in certain cases

If you are 'local' we will also as standard get you on the 'West Lothian Online' site (20,000 pages of info about the district and business) http://www.westlothian.gov.uk/business. If you are not local we will help guide you to your own relevant trade and listings and get you noticed!

Still confused? - then give me or one of my colleagues a call, or fill in the contact form .

 It will cost nothing to enquire further at this stage . Remember also the money back guarantee in the (unlikely) event that you are not fully satisfied with the end result. You have nothing therefore to lose?

Don't leave it too long ... !

Call  Andrew McLeman, even just for a chat on 01506 880260 - or or complete the Contact form

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