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E-mail Headers


E-mail Headers

Let our professionals design your own customised e-mail letterhead for less than 80

In Association with Door 4  we can now offer a custom designed  e-mail letterhead to go out and provide a more professional look for your business online.

"You use a letterhead for you business letters..... .......so why not use one for your e-mails*? "

They can be set to go out automatically with every e-mail and can even be installed on every computer in your office for the one price! 

Here are a few of examples

If it suits your company image, there is also high impact corporate version at 109 which includes extra photos and graphics, and is great value for money!

Click this  link for more details and to order online.

Alternatively me and I'll get back to you and make all the arrangements. 

"I personally have used these e-mails for my business and its a joy to use, and it really presents my business with a very professional face."
 Andrew McLeman

*Note - e-mail headers require the use of Microsoft Outlook ('98 or later) or Outlook Express, it is not suitable for use with Hotmail or other web based e-mails.

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Tricks 'up our sleeves' Nr1

These are a couple of shimmering reflections 
The first for www.get-nailed.co.uk'

and the second for www.construction-on-line.com

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Tricks 'up our sleeves'  Nr 3

 This is the Property Plus logo that we set in a cube and sent spinning!

Use your mouse to control the spin
and try and get it to stop!

Tricks 'up our sleeves'  Nr 4

Mouse Over Effects
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More ????-

"How many 'sleeves' do you think we have"???

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