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Zoom Web Designs was set up in its present form in early 2002, built on the increase in website business formerly a part of McLeman QS Network (MQSN) and now forming its own separate division, to concentrate properly on the design of websites. 

Andrew McLeman who set up MQSN in 1999 is a qualified Chartered Quantity Surveyor with 30 years experience in Professional practice. When he created his QS business, he wanted also to utilise his interest and skills in the Internet although initially targeted to the Building Industry. 

It is that section from its 'word of mouth' success became a separate website creation division in 'Zoom' . 

Andrew saw 'from the start' the huge potential of the Internet, and had already created his own personal site as far back as 1997 followed by the Kirk of Calder one in 1998. When he set up his businesses he naturally created websutes for his own businesses (McLeman QS NetworkConstruction-on-line and Building-Surplus) followed by sites for initially mainly construction companies (see examples but remember that over the years the skills have kept improving and our later sites are a better example of our current progress!)

While we 'knew' the Construction industry we initially thought we should concentrate on that area, but soon found that our skills were transferrable, and the important 'secret' was to get 'under the skin' of any business! 

And the name - well you'd be wrong to think it was because we are 'fast' (although we are!)... and while you may also think we must be 'crazy' it is in fact named after my car registration, (and not the other way round)!

Here is a picture of ' A1 Zoom' 
Well it's "nearly" Zoom !


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Zoom Web Designs

The "Home" of

Welcome to our website - Feel free to browse through it. 
- We believe our portfolio of websites will speak for itself!)

Below are some of the features that you could have on your site?

Tricks 'up our sleeves' Nr1

These are a couple of shimmering reflections 
The first for www.get-nailed.co.uk'

and the second for www.construction-on-line.com

Tricks 'up our sleeves'  Nr 2

Tricks 'up our sleeves'  Nr 3

 This is the Property Plus logo that we set in a cube and sent spinning!

Use your mouse to control the spin
and try and get it to stop!

Tricks 'up our sleeves'  Nr 4

Mouse Over Effects
(put your mouse over)


More ????-

"How many 'sleeves' do you think we have"???

(we think we may be centipedes!)




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