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Annie Accident Recovery Update BLOG 2013-4

Latest Progress Report updated 22 June 2014 (Latest info at top)

Annie has been going through again all her cards and thanks everyone again, some of you may get a call! -  
Visit anyime ,knock on the front window and come in the open back door 

Sunday 8th to 15th June - having missed Christmas I felt Annie deserved a holiday away. I knew that lots of walking was out of the question so chose a 4 star beach hotel in Pahpos, Cyprus, so there was no cooking and no pressures. The Hotel Athena Beach could not be faulted as the facilities, food and staff were all first class. We had a great time and the weather was superb.


Saturday 31st May 2014 One thing that Annie was looking forward to was our meet and greet with her Choir hero Gareth Malone. I had managed to secure one of the 50 meet and greet slots, and we had a five minute chat and he was as charming in person as he is on TV. We very much enjoyed the day and the Choir concert at the Usher Hall in the evening.

Sunday 13th April (day 143) Last weekend Ewan and Mhari were down from Shetland with our 11 month old grandson Hamish and we all got together with Neill and Alison and our other grandsons Murray and Douglas. Happy news is that another granchild is on the way in September for Ewan and Mhari.

Annie with Douglas (9 months)                                 All together                                            Annie with Hamish (11 months)

Saturday 15th March (day 115) Annie's long-time friend  Jean from Africa and her daughter Janice came up from Dorchester for the weekend, it was so good to see them and reassure them that progress is being made in her recovery. We even made it out on 20th in her first car trip since the accident to go to the Playhouse to see "West Side Story", where we swopped our front row seats in stalls (40 steps down and no lift !) for seats in the circle 4 steps from ground level. so two more hurdles jumped! Other Visitors this week Linda + Beryl

Jean and Annie,                  Jean Annie and Janice 

Saturday 8th March (day 108) Now getting out for a walk each day, plus her physiotherapist referral is through and she now has daily exercises to undertake. We are still also getting twice daily visits from the re-ablement team, Annie got her panic button installed and the blacksmith has visited to measure the rail to be fitted at the back door. 
Three more bouquets from Kavya and Ram, Linda + James and Beryl to keep the house full of flowers. Annie is very much looking forward to Jean and Janice's (from Dorchester) visit next weekend.
Visitors this week Linda and Beryl 

Sunday 2nd March (day 102) more photos of Annie's progress as her strength increases. Visitors this week Linda and Sheila

Sunday 23rd Feb (day 95) Steady progress as
gets used to her new routine back home, now dressing and showering by herself, and getting into the kitchen a little. Everybody seems pleased with her progress. The re-ablement team now starting to plan for going outside soon.
Visitors :Beryl


Sunday 16th Feb (day 88) Settling in to routine with re ablement team and district nurses making regular visits. Visitors Sat Beryl, Sun Neill, Alison Murray and Douglas


Friday 14th Feb (Day 86) Flowers, flowers everywhere! Perhaps people are pleased to see her back home? Thanks to Charles, Linda and Stephen, Ian and Sheila and Andrew for the botanical treats.

Wednesday 12th Feb (Day 84) As promised Annie arrived home 2pm followed closely by Re-ablement team supervisor to check the house over prior to the team starting a six week period of visits twice a day to help her build back to full strength. She gets puffed out very quickly, but this is apparently normal considering the ordeal she has been through. The district nurses are on the case too, and they will be in on Friday so all seems set up properly for continuing care.  She has her laptop ( mobile 07884 238 093 and home phone (01506 883966) all to hand - so feel free to get in touch direct! Visitors Linda B

Tuesday 11th Feb (day 83) Annie is coming home tomorrow!!! She is being released, she's done her time, her sentence is up!! After 12 weeks to the day her ordeal in hospital will be over and she will be home to fully build her confidence  back helped by the rehabilitation team, district nurses and family and friends. Visitors Sun Fiona + Andrew, Monday Fiona + Andrew + Brodie, Tuesday Beryl T , Andrew and Brodie

Saturday 8th Feb (day 80) Brownie points for me when I brought Annie some snowdrops for the garden. I have to say for all this winter we have been so fortunate to have had hardly any snow or ice allowing us to continue to visit the hospitals without interruption  Visitors Fiona and Andrew

Friday 7th Feb (day 79) Still waiting for the home rehabilitation team to have a slot, and as far as we are aware that is the only thing that is now keeping her from going home. The flowers were a gift from one of Andrew's clients who has never even met her. She was really touched and so thanks to Charles Pearson of Ross Country Homes. Visitors Thur Fiona Andrew and Brodie. Friday Fiona & Andrew

Wednesday 5th Feb (day 77) Annie finally got the hospital hairdresser she requested a couple of weeks ago. She looks a lot more happy now she has "glammed up". Thanks Linda for the photo. Visitors Fiona, Linda B & Brodie

Tuesday 4th Feb (day 76) Happier every day and especially show lucky she is compared to some to be going home soon. Visitors Today Beryl and Andrew.

Monday 3rd Feb (day 75) Workstation (pictured) ready for Annie's return - Things are going well with the Physios and just waiting to be told a date for her return. Her daughter Fiona failed to change her holiday days and so will be down for a holiday this week. Visitors Sat Andrew and Brodie, Sunday Andrew and Brodie, Monday Linda B, Andrew and Brodie

Friday 31st January (day72) Walking with a single stick today instead of zimmer, so more progress,  Cheered up with surprise visit from Beryl and Matt Visitors Beryl T and Matt B, Andrew and Brodie

Thursday 30th January (day 71) Progress all good, Annie has now been moved to Ward 8A (new map below) on the Ground floor as they needed her bed in Ward 14. She has a new Physio team but they are still following through with the plan to get her home hopefully next week. Home equipment all delivered and ready for her return. Visitors Tues Linda + Stephen B, Andrew; Wed Neill and Brodie, Thur Kay H, Brodie + Andrew

New map - Click to view large size

Monday 27th January (day 68) Got a call today to anticipate delivery of home equipment so another step towards her coming home. She is getting trained daily in ther gym and the rehabilitation kitchen in coping for herself, her biggest problem at the moment is stamina, in that she gets tired very quickly. Visitors Friday Brodie, Saturday Andrew and Brodie, Sunday Beryl T and Andrew and Brodie

On Sunday Beryl and Andrew took Annie for a trip outside and also to the Hospital Cafe

Friday 24th January (day 65)  I met with Stephen and Iona of the Physio team today to discuss the arrangements for sending Annie home. she is making good progress and they have ordered equipment to be installed at home (chair, toilet suport rails, and other equipment) to prepare for Annie's return home in approx one to two weeks time. It was also explained that the Re-enablement team were being mobilised to provide six weeks of support in the home to help her transition back to full independence. Real progress also now that Annie is now able to get up herself and undertake tasks such as visiting the toilet all on her own. Visitors Wed Andrew and Brodie. Thursday Malcolm M, Brodie and her son Greg - down from Orkney (twice), Friday Linda B, Andrew and Brodie. *War Horse tonight at the Festival Theatre was booked a year ago for Annie was incredible, I used the tickets and went with Annie's friends Beryl and Agnes. It is a truly unique theatre experience and so she doesn't miss out I simply will have now to book this for her in London when Annie is fit!   

Tuesday 21st Jan (day 62) They are now started  "talking" about sending Annie home, not immediately imminent but I have just completed a form detailing what we have at home, number of steps , sizes of bath and shower etc. It's an advantage we have a bungalow and have the choice of both shower anf bath. Annie has done training goiing up steps and also in the test kitchen seeing how she could manage. I will be having a meeting with the rehabilitation team later in the week but it's another positive step. Visitors Monday  Beryl T, Andrew and Brodie, Tues - Kay H, Andrew and Brodie



I had booked the sold out stage show of "War Horse" at the Festival theatre a year ago for Annie and she had been so looking forward to seeing it. She is not going to make it and so I am going with Beryl on Friday with Annie's blessing. We trust Annie will be well enough to get to our other booked shows "West Side Story" in March and Gareth Malone in May. I'll just have to take her to London to see War Horse when she is fit!

Sunday 19th Jan (day 60) All go today, Annie was at the gym in the morning and a trip round the extensive estate in the afternoon, (sounds just like a spa holiday!) and making progress all the time. If visiting and want to take her down to the coffee shop for a coffee, you can pick up a wheelchair just inside the main entrance on the way in. Keeping her in books is a challenge, she devours them at the rate of at least one a day! Visitors Andrew and Brodie. - A reminder also the hospital don't allow any flowers
Visiting slot free Wednesday afternoon - any takers?

Saturday 18th Jan (day 59)  Everything going well - Another message to you all  from Annie " Once again thank you for your e-mails, cards and texts. To Derek I received your e-mail today and I thank you so, so much for it , I was very touched " Visitors Fri - Neill, Andrew + Brodie, Saturday Andrew + Brodie 

Thursday 16th Jan (day 57) Annie walked 90 yards today (with zimmer) so stamina improving daily - next step is literally a step as she has to learn again to go up stairs.  She now has her phone back so texting (07884 238 093), e-mails (use or phoning. Kavya requested a pic so happy to oblige. Visitors today Fiona, Brodie, Fiona (again) and Andrew

Wednesday 15th Jan (day 56) Progress still all good, but struggling to keep her amused with kindle books, ipod talking books etc. and keeping devices all charged up. iPhone didn't arrive back either. If only they could make books out of paper! Visitors Fiona, Beryl T, Fiona (again) and Andrew

Tuesday 14th Jan (day 55) Progressing well and delighted to have had new mental stimulation from her friend Kay. Pleased also to hear her phone is repaired and should be back with her tomorow Visitors Kay H, Brodie and Andrew

Monday 13th Jan (day 54) - Very bright today and chuffed that she managed to walk 30 yards (with a zimmer), we know its a slow process and the Physio is happy how she is progressing.  Visitors Linda B, Brodie and Andrew,

Sunday 12th Jan (Day 53) Much brighter today, had devoured two Sunday papers + supplements between the end of afternoon visiting at 4pm and start of evening visiting 7pm. She had a visit from Neill, Alison, Murray and Douglas this afternoon and is always cheered up by them. it's now a constant battle to keep her sufficiently supplied with kindle and talking books and DVD's! Vistors today Neill Alison Murray, Douglas Brodie and Andrew

Saturday 11th Jan (Day 52) Doing more physiotherapy under direction has now managed a few steps which is good progress, still very bored and would welcome VISITORS especially in the afternoon. The most uncomfortable thing for her is the pressure sore caused on her back by the brace originally fitted in ICU. - By the way her phone is temporarily broken so she is out of communication for a couple of days till we can get it fixed. Best thing visitors could bring is a daily paper (Daily Mail) or magazine. Visitors Friday + Saturday Brodie and Andrew. 

Thursday 9th Jan (Day 50) - Settling in and complaining about the food here too. However she says the staff (as at ERI) are very good. She is a bit bored so we have to take in magazines, videos and the like to keep her entertained. Visitors today Linda B; Andrew and Brodie.

Wednesday 8th Jan2014 (day 49 = 7 weeks!) - Annie was moved this afternoon to Ward 14 of our local hospital St John's, Livingston (EH54 6PP) - 2.9 miles from home instead of 19 miles to ERI !- She is now getting settling in to a new routine and is gradually getting stronger eating more and now up walking with assistance. New visiting regime 3-4pm and 7-8pm two visitors max - please don't go if you have a cold or other illness - directions/maps below. Visitors Tues Andrew; Wed Andrew and Brodie
Message from Annie - 
"Thank you to everyone for the cards, e-mails and other good wishes - when I get a bit stronger I will reply to you all"

Click on maps to enlarge - Go in the main entrance turn left (follow the X-ray floor markings and turn right into North/South corridor where indicated) but carry on this corridor past x-ray to the rear corridor, turn left till the lifts on right. Take a lift to the first floor and follow the signs for ward 14 
(this route is because rear corridor is blocked from the main spine due to building works)

Monday 6th Jan 2014 (Day 47) Annie got a real lift today from the visit of our grandsons Murray and Douglas, with Neill and Alison of course. She says the doctors and physiotherapists seem pleased with her progress.
Visitors Neill, Alison, Murray and Douglas (see pic), Andrew and Brodie


Sunday 5th Jan 2014 (day 46) Progress every day as each day she can do a little more or gets a bit more control. Physiotherapy continuing with perhaps more action from more rehabilitation teams returning from their festive break? Vistors Rhona C, Andrew and Brodie 


4th January 2014 (day 45)  Every day she gets a little stronger, she has been up trying to walk again, but she is aware she is very weak and she gets tired very quickly. She says the food is terrible and there is someone a bit loopy in the ward that calls out at night disturbing her sleep.  She now has her phone to hand so don't be shocked if you get a call or text. Visitors Brodie and Andrew


Christmas decorations came down today - they went up for Annie
 to see when she got home - but that was not destined to be!

3rd January 2014 (day 44) Fairly bright today, has the all clear finally to drink and eat. She was up today with a walker to help her finally to get on her feet, however now the effects of the ligament damage to her right foot has kicked in. She was very touched to see the video of us all singing "Annie's Song" and the goodwill wishes recorded at the Abbott party last night. Visitors Linda B, Andrew and Beryl T

Annie's Song at Party - despite rubbish drunken 
singing it is available on You tube

2nd January 2014 (day 43) She was fairly bright today has been in her chair most of the day, though with the holiday nothing much happening in respect of a move or physio. Hopefully some progress tomorrow! visitors Fiona  + Kay H + Andrew + Fiona

New Year's Day (day 42). Annie is a lot more normal in the ward, she can sit in a chair and has TV and a phone if she wants, though she is still not able to control it all properly. She has to continue to be fed by a tube as the people who assess whether she can drink normally yet are off due to holidays till Friday, which is frustrating for everyone. vistors  Andrew + Brodie

Someone must love her ! - more than 40 Get Well cards received!

New Years Eve (Day 41) New Years Eve (Day 41) Annie was moved out of Intensive Care to ERI ward Orthopaedic 108 Base B Room 7 bed 2, as there were no beds at St John's (I understand St John's is the ultimate destination though I think nothing very much will happen till the 3rd at the earliest). As she is now in a normal ward anyone who wants to can visit. The times are 14:30 to 16:00 and 18:30 to 20:00. Ward 108 is on the first floor accessed by the right rear corridor if you park in the front car park. When you enter 108 , base B is left at the T junction after the initial corridor. If anyone intends to go two visitors max at the bed at any time (but more visitors can share the session- there is a waiting room - I'm mainly trying to avoid her having no visitors!), please let me know by phone or text as Brodie and I can skip or adjust our visit on 07745 181 446. Sweets, grapes or Lucozade Orange are OK  if you "must" take something - (Please don't take flowers) , but in fact you don't need to take anything as she has plenty! Annie was fairly bright today , but complaining she can't get drinks at present, but seems to have her sense of humour back at last ! .Click here for ERI directions and layout plan

Monday 30th Dec (day 40) - No move today, though they say it will definitely will be tomorrow she will be moved, she has been “accepted” by orthopaedic but they won't know till tomorrow if it will be St John's or an ERI ward. They say it certainly will ultimately be St John's but may have to be initially at ERI - It's all about bed availability. She was a bit more drowsy today, and that situation should be helped by going in  a normal ward which has an actual day and night!

Sunday 29th Dec (Day 39) - The hospital are planning to move Annie out of ICU to an orthopaedic ward hopefully tomorrow, depending on bed availability it might be at nearby St John's hospital in Livingston rather than ERI, but as at today both hospital's orthopaedic wards are full, although you would think that releasing an ICU bed would be worth more? She was drinking water from a cup today and requested her favourite "Lucozade energy orange"  and a "Crunchie" which I think is a good sign. Her motor control is getting better and her mind seems back to normal. She doesn't remember anything much before Monday 23rd (day33) , for example she has no recollection of any visitors before then!

Saturday 28th December (day 38) - Coping OK with the tracheostomy removed and eaten a little yoghurt as a first step to eating and drinking again as she regains her muscle strength. She was  a bit more restless today and more tired than yesterday when I saw her, but was apparently more awake earlier. (Extra Visitor today (Annie's friend) Linda).

Friday 27th December (day 37) - Annie was very alert all day and smiled for the first time in ages! it finally looks as the have the painkillers and other drugs right. They removed the tracheostomy this evening. and now she will soon be able to eat and drink normally. They have now to deal with the 37 days of inactivity by stepping up the physiotherapy. It's fairly likely that now she is almost disconnected from all the ICU equipment she will be transferred to an orthopaedic ward very soon. When I know when and where I will post it here, so friends that would like to visit can soon do so -  most wards seem to have the visiting hours 14:30 to 16:00 and 18:30 to 20:00. Please let me know if and when you intend to go (no flowers permitted)- text me on 07754 181 446 

Boxing day (day 36)  Annie was a little brighter today though still very drowsy (Extra visitors today Fiona, + (my son) Neill) +free parking!

Christmas day (day 35) Annie was taken a tour of the hospital in her chair to get some fresh air, although she is still grumpy and sleepy while they try to get the level of her painkillers right. (Extra Visitor today Fiona) + free parking for Christmas!

Tuesday 24th December (day 34) A little more tired and also in a bit more pain today so a slight stall on progress. I certainly didn't expect to be spending Christmas Day  with Annie in the ICU at ERI but content that it this better than what might have been. (Extra Visitor today Fiona)

Monday 23rd December (Day 33) Huge progress forward today. After four weeks the sedation is now off, and the fourth day off the support ventilation. She also talked for the first time in 4 weeks and with a bit of support sat on the edge of the bed almost unaided. With the tracheostomy being removed tomorrow it will only be a day or so till she is moved out of ICU into an orthopaedic ward for physiotherapy to build up the wasted muscles following four weeks nearly all the time on her back. (Extra Visitor today Fiona and (Annie's friend) Beryl).

Sunday 22nd December (Day 32) Annie is still off the ventilation so that's two full days and nights breathing on her own. At the present rate all sedation will be off by tomorrow. When she's engaged by conversation she appears to fully stay with a conversation and while she can't talk, because of  the tracheostomy, she can express answers using nod and other facial expressions, but still with a short attention span before closing her eyes. We'll see how she gets on when the sedation stops, although it still all needs time to leave her system. (Extra Visitor today Fiona)

Saturday 21st December (Day 31) Annie didn't have go back on the ventilator overnight so she has now been off it and breathing fully on her own for 36 hours. Sedation down again, but she is still very drowsy. She was out of bed in a chair with her back brace on for about 3 hrs. Her daughter Fiona, on Brodie and myself are staggering our visits in an attempt to give her more stimulation. (Extra Visitor today Fiona)

Friday 20th December (Day 30) Again Annie has been off the ventilator all day, and sedation further reduced. As she is still so sleepy she was sent for another brain scan but again it is clear, so still a mystery. It may only be when all sedation is off (anticipated in 2 to 3 days) we will know if it is this or something else. (Extra visitors today Fiona (Annie's daughter), Isobel (Annie's sister) , Irene (Annie's niece) and Linda (Annie;s friend)) 

Thursday 19th Dec (day 29) Annie as been off the ventilator for approx 13 hours today and while she will go back on it overnight, they will extend the time she breaths herself each day. Sedation down a but again and now in single figures. Much more awake today. though still likely to drop off to sleep at any time.

Wednesday 18th Dec (day 28 - yes 4 weeks since the accident!) Annie pretty unresponsive the evening probably as she was very tired following 3 hours off the ventilation today (up from 1.5 hrs yesterday) Progress also made in further reduction in sedation again today.

Tuesday 17th Dec (day 27) A bit of progress in that drugs reduced again, she is pretty with it while still a bit drowsy, so getting there slowly.

Monday 16th Dec (day 26) Annie is still fairly drowsy, but yet fully responsive to questions. We spoke to the Consultant about how long it was taking to get her off the sedation and sometimes she was more lucid  than others. She explained that coming off the sedative and the cocktail of pain relief drugs was a very long process, and quite common in some patients. What we saw on Friday when she was more lucid, and while it appeared more encouraging, they had had gone a bit too quickly and it resulted in a slight setback. We are not to be discouraged, she is getting better, and the withdrawal will happen a bit more slowly and it may take them another week to wean her off the drugs.

Sunday 15th Dec (day 25) Sitting in a chair today part of the afternoon, however less responsive and less lucid than Friday - Sometimes I wonder if they make less of an effort at the weekend? They say though that they should be able to remove the last of the sedation within 3 or 4 days, and remove the respirator shortly after that.

Saturday 14th Dec (day 24) Annie got to sit in a chair today (hoisted in)  so that's progress, though she  was a bit more drowsy today probably as she hadn't slept. She  is still slightly sedated and they need to remove that sedation completely before she can come off the respirator.

Friday 13th Dec (day23) Much better progress today, finally off sedation, sitting up and pretty lucid, such a change from the last three weeks.

Thursday 12th Dec (day 22) Sedation reduced and Annie a lot more lucid. We think they are finally making progress to wean her off all sedation by the weekend

Wednesday 11th Dec (day 21) Changed sedation, now on air mattress and able to be moved more. however other than that not much changed still trying to get off the sedation and back into the real world.

Tuesday 10th Dec 2013 (Day 20) Still a little sedated but trying a new drug tomorrow to help solve that. The better news is that the orthopaedic team are going to allow her to move off her back and sit up a little and they think this will help.

Monday 9th Dec 2013 (Day 19) - A small step backwards today as sedation back due to Annie's anxiety - they are concerns she will set back her vertebra healing. Hopefully they will try wean her off sedation again tomorrow.

Sunday 8th December 2013 (Day 18) - Annie's birthday today! - Still in ICU however this morning they managed to remove almost all the sedation so we had a lot more communication with her so it feels that a great step forward. Still a long way to go an we accept recovery will be slow. Next step is the removal of the ventilator, already at its lowest level of support so hopefully not long for that.

Friday 6th December 2013 (Day 16) A little bit more awake and a little less anxious. Hopefully this is a move in the right direction as they wean her off the sedation.

Thur 5th December 2013 - (day 15) Annie is still in Intensive Care Unit in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary under sedation and on a ventilator. It appears that she no longer needs the sedation, however whenever it is reduced she becomes very anxious and they have to increase it again. Apparently this is a fairly normal occurrence in ICU and they that they will in time bring her back to a normal conscious state.

Update 3rd Dec (day 13 ) not much progress as she is still I'm ICU and on a ventilator and under sedation. The aim is to reduce both but when they do she gets a bit uncomfortable. It also means communication at present is patchy. I would like to be able to report better progress, but I'm also told it is not that unusual for it to take much longer than expected in ICU, and we have to measure the steps forward in smaller stages.

Update 1st December 2013 - (day11) slow but steady progress , she is a lot more comfortable and back to some communication as they wean her off the sedative, which has to be done gradually as she has effectively now been on it a week takes time as it also scrambles your mind. We have to just be be patient as it is going to take longer for her to recover than first hoped.

Friday 29th (day 10) Annie is more comfortable now they have done a tracheostomy , allowing them to remove the breathing tube from down her throat and this means  she gets used to this new breathing system means sedation to tolerate the original tube can now be progressively reduced. Already we were back with some basic communication today with the prospect of even better tomorrow.

Annie update Thur 28th (day 9)-no real change still stable and comfortable but still being lightly ventilated and sedated. As progress is slow , if you don't get a bulletin e
  day it is because there is no change, so assume no news is good news!

Wed 27th update (day 8). Not much change to report, though she can be sat up more as she now has the brace to support her back. She didn't  manage to get off the ventilator as hoped, and as a result is still sedated as she can't tolerate the tube down her throat without it, which is unpleasant for her to encounter and me to have to see. I spoke at length to the consultant and she is generally happy with her progress, but said recovery will now be slower than they had at first hoped and she will have to remain in ICU longer than anticipated at first.

Update Tues 26th - (day7) some progress today with her back brace now fitted, and now her breathing is regularised she will be reassessed tomorrow to hopefully remove the breathing support and sedatives that currently make her so uncomfortable. 

Update Sunday 24th (day 5)- slight improvement in that ventilation reduced so she is breathing on her own but still supported. To allow this to happen she is on light sedation so she is not awake to help her build her strength and assist the healing process. The main aim is to keep her pain free.

Sat 23rd November 2013 (day 4)-There has been a bit of a setback in Annie's recovery as she wasn't getting enough oxygen on her own so they have put her on a ventilator It is a managed procedure to give her a rest but it means while she supposedly can hear you but she doesn't respond. So it's not good news but still not bad at the moment.  

hur 21st November 2013 (day 2)  No deterioration overnight and Annie is described as "stable" and I was encouraged as she was lucid and annoyed at her predicament. Its not a quick cure and involves many weeks in hospital.

Wed 20th November 2013 approx. 16:30 My wife Annie and stepdaughter Fiona were  involved in an accident on a country road near home and ended up on its roof in a field. Fiona walked free without any injuries, however Annie had to be cut free from the vehicle by the Fire and rescue service. She was taken by ambulance to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, where her injuries were assessed in A+E. She had serious chest trauma with multiple broken ribs, a broken sternum, chest bruising, partially collapsed lungs, two broken vertebra and damaged ligaments in her right foot The injuries while serious will all heal without any operations being required. Provided the vertebrae is kept stable until it heals there will be no spinal damage or paralysis


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