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Kirsty Watt (nee. Christian Noble or Gunner) nickname 'Siccar Mittens',

With her granddaughter Nellie McLeman (daughter of Andrew McLeman 'Doc Andy')

(Photo circa 1840)

Photo 2 

John Mcleman (1830-1901) and Sarah (nee Low)

Photo circa 1860

Photo 3

G. Douglas McLeman (1909-1999) and Doreen (nee. Bilton)

Photo circa 1962

Photo 4

Ewan McLeman (1979- ) and Neill McLeman (1972- )

Photo circa 1996

Photo 5

Andrew McLeman (1950- ) and Ruth (nee Trainer)

Photo circa 1998

Photo 6

Alastair McLeman (1911-1940)

Photo circa 1939

Photo 7

Edith McLeman (nee Milne) (1871-1972) at her 100th birthday celebration.

Also pictured (far left Andrew Alasstair McLeman, seated Malcolm Douglas McLeman and far right Ian Milne McLeman)

Photo 1971

Photo 8

George Douglas McLeman (1909-1999 ) and Doreen McLeman (1918-1969) nee Bilton's wedding .

Also pictured (back from left Margaret McLeman (nee Mackie), Elisa Milne, Ian Milne McLeman, best man Maurice Lindsay (Poet and broadcaster) Douglas and Doreen McLeman bridesmaid Kathleen Dalton, others not known ; front left Edith McLeman (nee Milne))

Photo 1942

Photo 9

George Low McLeman (1868-1931)

Photo circa 1920

Photo 10

Dan, Douglas, Jim, Donnie & Ian Mcleman

Photo  1999


Donnie, Dan, Ian, Jim, Douglas & Anne McLeman

Photo  1999


Two group photos from McLeman Reunion, Inverness


Photo 13

Eric and Craig Pilla



Malcolm, Georgina, Ewan, Sophie & Alexander McLeman

Photo 15

Shirley Thomson and Andrew McLeman

Photo 16

J.D. Craig

Photo 17

Liz Taylor

Photo 18

The Hagglund family, Sweden

Photo 19

Photo of ‘present day’ Broadsea, Fraserburgh

Photo 20

Kerry Ireland, Neill and Ruth McLeman

Photo 21

Thomson family, Durban South Africa

Photo 22

Ewan McLeman and Ruth McLeman June 2001


To be continued.......


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