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During your pregnancy I can offer you massage (on completion of a satisfactory medical) on a regular or as needed basis.

In 2007 I completed my training for massage in pregnancy and labour with Well Mother.

Classes help you prepare for labour and the birth of your baby and assist you for the changes that having a baby will mean in your life.

Classes are tailor made to suit your requirements, however the following subjects are often requested by parents expecting a new baby. This list is an example of what I can arrange in classes for you. You set the agenda. "Whatever you want."

Pain Management, medical and natural methods, optimal fetal positioning, positions, breathing, visualisations and positive affirmations for labour and birth. Baby care. Information on local hospital protocol and choices. Water birth, home birth, caesarean section, forceps, breastfeeding. Back to work, Postnatal depression.

In June 2012 I completed all work for my Antenatal Teacher course with the NCT validated by the University of Bedfordshire.

See my Fees page for more information.



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