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Ros Milligan + family

Class content : 

Class 1             Coping with pregnancy, body changes, adapting at work and at home, the developing baby and communicating with baby in the womb, screening tests, nutrition and exercise, place of birth choices. Parent and child

Class 2             Labour & Birth including positions, pain management and choices for your care and well being including water birth.  How to make choices. How your choices may effect your baby’s first few days. Third stage labour (afterbirth) choices.

Class3              Self Help and Relaxation Techniques, breathing massage and acupressure for labour. Back to back babies & Optimal Fetal Positioning.

Class 4             The hormones of labour and birth. How environment effects labour and birth. Homebirth.

Class 5             Caesarean birth & recovery, induction of labour and epidural. Assisted birth and augmentation of labour.  Special Care Baby Unit.  Feeding & care of premature infants.

Class 6             Life with a New Born Baby and early child development. (bathing, dressing, safe sleeping, crying, colic, dummies, nappies  etc.)

Class 7             Family life including where to find support and back to work choices, parenting styles, mental and physical well being after birth and Baby Proofing your relationship

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